Art and craft has been an integral part of Indian ethos since ages. It is this ancient tradition and heritage that we at Shahi Taj strive to keep alive. A pioneer in Indian traditional head Accessory, we not only cater the Indian domestic market but is also leading exporter of turbans and Safas/Pagadis (Turbans known as Pagadis in local language mostly used in Rajasthan reflect the cast, culture, profession of the person.) If you have been to Rajasthan, you must have seen how different types of colorful turbans used. While performing pujas (religious functions) or attending any such function one must cover his or her head. It is a symbol of humility or surrendering to the god by the people.

On different occasions different types of turbans are used. Plain and muted color turbans are used during a period of mourning. On the occasion of daughter wedding it is an honor to present the turbans to brides in law family members. Turbans give a snap shot about the person reflecting his cast, profession and many other things. Here is a list of types of turbans used by different casts in Rajasthan.

Shahi Taj established in since 1963, and today we are leading wholesaler, Retailer and exporter of Indian Ethnic headwear within extensive designer. Shahi Taj has served loyal customer worldwide during these years. Our distinguished Collection of Para, Safa, Pachea are hand crafted by skilled person and custom made to suit your specific style and measurement. It is a collaborative effort between people with over 47 years of collective experience in the field who have developed strong relationship with clients and have worked with major brands in India and overseas. With our experience, we can determine the most appropriate communication strategy that will take you to your desired market destination always in style.

Our product range and easy access to some of the most popular pagri style like Bhopal shahi, Arvind Shahi, Amar shahi, Jaipuri & Jodhpuri will provide you one stop solution to all your requirements. We have team of professional, skilled and talented people who have rich experience in the field and had served many of premium clients. Our team (dressed in rajasthani wear) personally goes to the venue of the event and delivers its professional services of tying the Traditional Safa on the head of the Bridge-Groom and Baratis.